About Us

Who We Are

Growing up each of us have suffered through our own bouts of depression, disbelief, disconnectedness and loss of purpose, until we discovered the powers of psychedelics. Our lives have changed for the better ever since and our commitment at The Shroom Co is to provide high-quality psilocybin products at an affordable price to those who need it most.

We work with the best growers in the industry and have been personally consuming their top-grade mushrooms for years. From spores to fruiting, our involvement is in every step of the process from beginning to end. Only with this pro-active approach can we ensure that our mushrooms are grown in the most sanitary conditions to maintain the quality that we are known for.

Our product photos always contain the current batch so you can shop with confidence knowing you will receive what is advertised. That is our guarantee or your money back. We at The Shroom Co are here to serve you and are committed to doing the right thing. Feel free to shop around and you will notice that our prices are the best in the industry. Whether you are looking to gain insight and personal growth or looking for recreational fun, we have what you need.