B+ Mushrooms

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B+ Magic Mushrooms are a popular strain for first-time trippers.  B+ is known for having some of the largest caps within the Psilocybe Cubensis family. They are very popular from their positive reviews and effects.

Consumption of this strain induces one of the warmest visual/spiritual trips and is an all-around magic mushroom for beginners and experienced users.

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6 reviews for B+ Mushrooms

  1. Darcie Stewart (verified owner)

    These were a bit stronger than I expected. I took about 2g and had an amazing experience.

  2. Shroomsss Dam (verified owner)

    The cheapest oz I could find on the market. Amazingly good quality. These guys are my go-to from now on.

  3. antcolony (verified owner)

    What a great bang for my buck. Great face melting mushrooms at an even better price. These are going to be my new standard for a while.

  4. Stingray75 (verified owner)

    Awesome shrooms. Everything as advertised and look exactly like photos

  5. boardman90 (verified owner)

    tried these on the mountain I definitely underestimated their potency!

  6. Lucian Austin (verified owner)

    Had .6 crushed up and put in tea. Strongest visuals ive ever had. It was an amazing experience. Couldn’t recommend more highly!

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