Golden Teacher Mushrooms

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Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms are one of the most popular strains of magic mushrooms. It is a favourite due to the profound psychedelic journey experienced. The shining golden caps and the teachings experienced during the journey experienced are how these got their name.

Consuming Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms will give a feeling of enlightenment, and a heightened connection with your surroundings. It is highly recommended to try these in nature.

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4 reviews for Golden Teacher Mushrooms

  1. Dave Morrow (verified owner)

    The cleanest trip I’ve ever had. Pure euphoria at it’s peak. I can’t recommend these enough.

  2. jpslayer (verified owner)

    Loved these shrooms!! Gradual buildup with fantastic visuals.

  3. Bailey L (verified owner)

    I had way too much fun with these golden teachers.

  4. el guapo (verified owner)

    Blown away with the quality of these mushrooms. Dont let the price fool you. I have tested a few different sites that were way more expensive, these were way better.

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