Goldie Locks Mushrooms

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Goldie Locks magic mushrooms get their name from their thin, long and light coloured appearance. These potent mushrooms are great for beginners looking for a step-up in potency. Also, a favourite amongst more experienced users. This variety comes from British Columbia, Canada.

Consumption of this strain provides a warm vibration of the body and plenty of visuals. These mushrooms will have you feeling euphoric.

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5 reviews for Goldie Locks Mushrooms

  1. Ashok Krishna (verified owner)

    I’ve done shrooms in the past but didnt tried these before until the past weekend. I was not expecting much but wow! They are strong. Nice visualizations, happiness. Music sounded incredible.

  2. JustinTime (verified owner)

    The description for this strain was spot on. I took a 2g dose and was vibing all day feeling the euphoria. I will be trying a higher dose the next time I try these.

  3. mdose92 (verified owner)

    Decided to try these goldie lock shrooms with my friends, was pleased with the packaging I received. Very discreet and we had a wonderful time with these.

  4. Alex Perris (verified owner)

    Very nice and very unique looking! Great product overall

  5. grandelfe (verified owner)

    They look amazing and am looking forward to getting to know them well.

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