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Texas Penis Envy Mushrooms

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Texas Penis Envy mushrooms are a cross between the Texas Cubensis and Penis Envy. As with every Penis Envy mushroom variety, these are very potent and have psychonauts coming back for more. Beginners proceed with caution.

Consumption of this strain will have you euphoric and connected with your surroundings. Your inner self will be fully awake.

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6 reviews for Texas Penis Envy Mushrooms

  1. mushhead88 (verified owner)

    Euphoria, visuals and plenty of giggles. Strong but not too strong…

  2. wanderer7 (verified owner)

    good stuff

  3. Nelson Mourao (verified owner)

    It was a cold winters night, my friend and I had placed our faith in TheShroomCompany to take us somewhere beyond the lame shake we got from our local and unreliable plug. When I brought the white box with clean and discreet packaging, holding among other strains 14g of these beautiful bad boys we were in for a trip. We invited a few more friends over and I began to make some lovely tea for my friends and I.

    I made a tea with about 5-6gs of the stuff, I’ve had PE before but these felt very potent, Even before I finished sipping my tea I could feel the beginnings of the conversation we were due to have. The world was swimming, everything was in harmony, my friends and I were in nirvana, haha.

    Overall, these were very good and worth the price, the shrooms themselves were 5 stars but the bag was about 2gs short, but the other deals made up for it, and were perfectly weighed. I’m sure that little error was a one off so I will be ordering from these guys again.

  4. spacemegaforce (verified owner)

    I received 3.5 g of this strain. I found the pieces to be a generous size and most importantly, they were quite potent and enjoyable! I would definitely recommend TPE to anyone looking for a good, enjoyable high!

  5. Tony Isaza (verified owner)

    Delivery was super fast and the quantity was as expected. Found these slightly less potent than usual but that very well could be my tolerance talking. Absolutely cant complain considering the price. Great experience overall, would recommend

  6. Shroobiedoobie (verified owner)

    Anxiously waiting for these to come back in stock, the last batch were great.

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